Why Your Business Needs Product & User Reviews

by | Sep 30, 2018

It’s simple, product and user reviews increase conversions. They can remove doubt potential buyers may have about a product or service, and can also assist with product selection. Reviews are quickly becoming a big part of the buying process. More people use them during the deciding on their purchase and in turn more people are likely to leave them on your site. This post looks at some of the reasons why your business needs product and user reviews and how you can go about getting them.


The SEO benefits

Improving your product conversions and customer experience is top priority when adding user reviews, but there are also considerable SEO benefits. Search engines love unique content that is regularly updated, and having product and user reviews are a great way to add more site content. User-generated content can be the difference between you and your competitors if their sites just use standard manufacturer descriptions and product specifications. Your pages become more useful to customers, and therefore increases the chance of showing up higher in the Search Engine Results.

Win Customer Confidence

It’s important for you. By giving your customers the opportunity to share their experience and read the reviews of others, you’re showing that their satisfaction matters. You can also get better insight into what makes your clients happy and should negative feedback arise find solutions to their problems. It’s also a way of providing high customer service and we consider that a win/win!


Ask Your Customers

This may sound pretty straight forward, but so many businesses miss this step because they may feel like they are asking too much of their customers and don’t want to turn them off from buying again. The key is to do this whilst the product or service is still fresh in your customers mind. Put yourself in their shoes, do you find reviews helpful when looking to make a purchase? Would you leave feedback to share your thoughts on a purchase? Asking really is a simple and effective way to obtain reviews so don’t be afraid to do so.

Make It Easy

If the process is too difficult or technical, customers wont want to leave product or user reviews. So, make it easy. Ensure the feedback can be left by providing your customer a link or simple directions to follow so they are not left feeling frustrated by the process. Don’t ask too many questions. Their name, a rating and comment are the three main things you need. The easier the process, the more reviews you will be able to achieve.


With more and more consumers doing their research online and planning their purchases, you really need to ensure that product and user reviews are part of your process. It’s what can set you apart from the pack, who have a similar offering. Customer experience is key. Understand your buyer’s and their needs and position yourself to the front of the line. Need more useful tips or help with your online needs? Doreen can assist. Get in touch today and see how I can help you and your business.