Why Digital Marketing Isn’t Set & Forget

by | Nov 17, 2018


So, you understand the value of digital marketing and made all the necessary changes and additions when launching your website or original campaign.

Did you think ‘that’s it, great I’m all done?” When creating an online presence, one very common error business owners make is think that once something has been implemented they can walk away and the magic will happen.

Unfortunately this is not the way it works. Your website and digital presence requires an ongoing strategy, plan and investment.

It’s An Ever-changing Landscape

In the digital world, nothing remains the same for very long. If you are still stuck using strategies that worked in the year 2010, you will find that they are not as effective as they once were. From algorithm updates, to new competitors hitting the market, you need to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve and keeping up with what’s needed in the present, as well as the future. If comfort zones are what you are accustomed to, then it could get a little bumpy and uncomfortable for a while as you re-adjust your position.

It’s All In The Data

Whether you have a website, or run your campaigns using Social Media or email marketing, data is available at your fingertips and should be used and reviewed. This information will give you some really important clues into how things are going and where you might be going off track. Part of your planning and strategy implementation should be based on the results you are wanting to achieve and where you are currently positioned.

Free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console are great platforms to use to gather this information for your online campaigns. If you have used the set and forget principle and you are not reviewing outcomes, this could also result in lost opportunities for your business.

Your Competitors Are Not Forgetting

For your business to stay in the race, you need to keep in mind your competition. Their positioning online is also dependant on their efforts and level of investment – not just of money but time as well. For you to have any chance at achieving your outcomes, you must recognise their need to also keep going. They won’t stop. They won’t become complacent. Use this as your reason to review what you currently have, and integrate this knowledge with your data and digital industry updates to create a long lasting and effective plan. Also make sure that you are correctly identifying who your competitors are and where the gaps lie in your current strategy.

Keep the momentum going

Running your own business is not an easy job. Apart from keeping on top of inventory, taxes and other (fun) business things, your digital presence is an additional element you just cannot afford to forget. It’s no longer the “nice to have” option for business. It forms an integral part of your success and sustainability. No one goes into a venture with the hope of it not succeeding. Use every opportunity to place yourself in a strong position and maintain momentum by building on what you have.

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