What Are Short Tail & Long Tail Keywords?

by | Apr 11, 2019

Keywords were not all created equal. This is because there are different stages in the user and buyer’s process. Once we have our Avatar, we have to ascertain who it is that we’re trying to attract to our product, business or service. This is going to be dependent on the types of things that we use, including our keywords. Keywords are just one piece of the overall puzzle – but they are also the foundation, and heart and soul of an online campaign.

Short Tail Vs Long Tail Keywords

There is no right or wrong when it comes to using short tail or long tail keywords. It just depends on who you want to attract. Just remember that there will be a better return on your time and money by being more focused. This is because you are being more targeted and specific versus trying to answer something generally and hoping that it will get someone, somewhere. Let’s look at some examples of Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords: A short tail keyword would be something like “digital marketing.” This could be converted into a long tail keyword like “digital marketing consultant.”

Long Tail Keywords – Their Purpose

When looking at the above long tail keyword example, we can see that we are being more specific about what we are aiming for in relation to the topic of “digital marketing.” This can also be expanded a little further by using an example like “digital marketing consultant Wollongong.” This is a great use of location in the long tail keyword, particularly if a user is looking for someone locally in their area. They may want to find a service whereby they can either physically go in and meet face to face, make a product purchase etc. With online search in 2019 and beyond, longer tail keywords tend to perform better for websites as they are more focused and targeted.

The Evolution Of User Behaviour

Users in the online world behave differently today to what they did five or ten years ago. With the amount of information that is out there now, it means that we are all being saturated with so much of it. People now really are more savvy when it comes to online search. Longer tail keywords tend to attract more of the qualified and relevant people that can come to visit your website.

Revisiting Your Keywords

If you’re looking to build up user confidence to show them that you are the expert in your field, now is a great time to asses your keywords and see where you can add more focus. Being able to clearly break down key components of your information, products and/or services is important for your long term visibility. Remember, this will include using short tail keywords – not forgetting that adding some long tail keywords could drive quality traffic. Do you need extra help on this topic, but don’t have a massive marketing budget? Doreen Brown Consulting offers one-on-one SEO Coaching to get you on the right track with your Digital Marketing efforts. Get in touch today for a complimentary discovery session to see if this fits your needs.