The Benefits Of DIY Digital Marketing When You Can’t Afford To Outsource

by | Sep 20, 2019

¬†iWhen you’re starting up a new business or charity, you don’t always have big budgets on your side.

Many see this as a barrier between their business and the competition, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

After launching my small business just over 2 years ago, I have learnt more from what didn’t go right, then from the things that did. It also empowered me to make better business choices once I had a marketing budget available.

There are many benefits of DIY (do it yourself) digital marketing, as long as you get the support and guidance from the right places. Here are some tips you can use to implement into your startup as quickly as today.

1 – Online Training

One of the most convenient ways to learn new digital marketing skills is through online training. This cuts the barriers of time and distance and can also be done at your own pace!

My tip would be to schedule time in your calendar – the same way you do for your clients or customers, to lock in sessions to complete your online courses. There’s nothing worse than spending your last $400.00 on training that is just sitting there on the digital shelf.

Do your research before clicking the add to cart button too. Check out Google Reviews and other feedback you can find before making that commitment. The industry remains unregulated, and watching a You Tube video doesn’t make someone an expert.

If they are legit, they would have two or three active Social Media profiles, a website and secure access to their online platform. Do your homework and it will pay off.

2 – Attend A Local Workshop

Each person has a different learning style, that’s why an in person workshop where you can meet the trainer and be there physically might be an ideal option for you.

Similar rules apply here regarding the validity of the content and presenter. What is their background? Have they worked in this space before? If so, in what capacity and were they able to achieve results in their business?

It’s not enough to plaster a nice picture and some content that has been copied and pasted from another website – yes, this happens! Check their street cred, and take a look at their workshop outline.

There will be specific things you are looking to learn and implement in your own small business, charity or social enterprise. Understand what the outcomes will be after attending and how this relates to you. You also need to ensure that the content will be targeted to your experience level – example, as a beginner, you want to attend a local workshop that breaks down the basics before jumping into the advanced sessions.

3 РHire A Consultant 

If you can’t afford to completely outsource your digital marketing efforts, hiring a consultant can be another ideal avenue for your business.

You can discuss your needs and budget, so that a tailored consulting plan is delivered to you at a desired time and place.

By getting the right road map, and key tips your digital marketing consultant can get you on the right track a lot quicker than trying to Google the information from multiple resources.

Remember – they have years of experience behind them, so you’re not just paying for their time but also the tried and tested methods they have experienced along their own business and career journey.

Having this accumulated experience will save you time and money, rather than trying to figure it ALL out on your own, without having to commit to an ongoing service.

4 – When You Are Ready To Outsource

The beauty of online training, local workshops and consultants is that each of these options can empower you to make the right choices once you are in a position to outsource.

Just like many other industries, digital marketing has become a crowded space and many diving into it as a career, but without the industry experience.

When you are ready to outsource, you will have a level of understanding that will allow you to decipher between the snake oil salesman and the real deal.

Where To Next?

I have worked with clients of all business shapes and sizes, from startups to not for profits and larger corporate companies.

No matter what size your business is, digital marketing is something you need to get on top of. It’s no longer the icing on the cake, as it once was in business.

With new competitors popping up each day, you want to have a long term plan in place to ensure your marketing dollars are being maximised, particularly in the early stages.

Get on top of your efforts and learn from a leading expert. Online SEO courses are now available via the Let’s Get Visible Academy, or if you would like to one-on-one help, get in touch with Doreen today.