SEO & Video Content Tips

by | Apr 29, 2019

Creating video content for your business – what are the benefits from an SEO perspective? The most important thing that you need to think about when looking at developing or creating a video for your business is to really define what kind of goals you want your videos to achieve. So whether that’s to drive conversions or increase back links, you need to have a purpose in mind. Remember, SEO is not just what you do on your website, but it’s also what you’re doing away from your website that builds up your domain authority, and gives you a few more ticks of approval from search engines in relation to their algorithms and what it is they’re looking for.


Videos can also be a great way to really spread the brand awareness so that people get a good idea as to what your product, business and service is. And it’s a great way for potential customers to be able to see you  being quite personal and speaking to them from the heart in relation to what it is that you have to offer. I recently ran a local event right here in Wollongong, and we had PipeWolf Media presenting on the evening, who are videographers and work with businesses in order the create video and video marketing for their clients. And they also assisted me with my Let’s Get Visible campaign! When I launched that campaign about 12 months ago, (in my leotard!) talking about SEO, I was able to share my concepts clearly – and with impact. For example, explaining how SEO is quite similar to joining the gym. If you join the gym for a couple of days or a couple of weeks or a couple of months, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re done and dusted for the rest of your life! So maintaining your health and wellbeing is something that you need to do on an ongoing basis – and that’s really no different when it comes to SEO. So for my business, my video has been a great way to be able to share that message, to let people know that SEO isn’t a set and forget option. You can’t just do it like exercise for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and think that you’re done for the rest of your life. It is something that you do need to maintain for your website and for your business to ensure that it is effective. You’re doing it constantly and consistently, and you’re not forgetting about it after a short period of time.


So how does video really impact or help your SEO efforts? There’s a couple of ways in which it can. Video provides users with an opportunity to get a message across – with less effort. So if users are having to sit and actually read content, it means that they have to use more effort in order to do that rather than hit play on a video, sit back, and hear what you have to say. From a user perspective, you will get more engagement with things like video, because of the easiness of it and users not having to spend too much time going through and reading what we share by written word.


One piece of content can be reconstructed and shared across multiple, different channels. So what it’s doing, particularly from a business perspective (if you’re finding it really difficult to find the time to create content), is save you time by creating one piece of content and then distributing this in multiple ways. By creating quality content via video, you also have something that’s sharable. If you have something that’s quite entertaining or sends out a really important message for users, what you’re going to find is that you’ll get some natural back links coming back through to that video content – which is great for SEO! If you’ve posted it on your website, it means you’re going to get organic views and shares. It also becomes a sharable digital asset, across many mediums. This includes creating video and then posting as blog content on your website, which can then be shared through email marketing as well as social media networks. That’s also going to help with SEO and the visibility of your website because from a Google perspective it’s showing them that, “Hey, this particular person is getting quite a lot of views of this particular content,” and you are being seen as the expert in your field.


If you are thinking about video content for 2019, it is certainly going to assist and help with your SEO efforts. The more you create, the more practice you get, the more comfortable you also become in front of the camera! Need some extra help with this? Get in touch with me today and let’s chat about combining video content with your SEO campaigns.