Local SEO In 2021 – What Kind Of Businesses Need It?

by | Jan 15, 2021

Welcome to 2021. Are you planning your digital marketing roadmap for this brand new year? Perhaps you are considering adding Local SEO to the mix but not sure how it applies to your business – well, let’s break it down…

SEO has become the axe with which small and large businesses make their way into the highly robust and competitive digital market to connect with new clients and expand or establish other businesses depending on the overall goal. 

The local market is full of customers looking for quality products or services.

SEO is what increases organic visibility – it displays your brand to create interest and keep your business top of mind of customers. 

Before getting started on the business types that can benefit from local SEO, it’s important to mention that an experienced local SEO expert can help to build an SEO strategy that’ll work for your business. 

From creating and optimising a business listing by signing up with Google My Business, to building a great profile, adding relevant keywords for an optimised search result, generating customer reviews, to having a professional and user-friendly website updated with fresh and useful content, a whole lot is required.

That said, let’s look at businesses where local SEO can really make an impact:

  • Medical Services

Every business that offers medical services like dentists, doctors, emergency care clinics, etc. will thrive with local SEO.

Why? Google loves the latest and important information. E. A. T. stands for Expertise, Authority and, Trustworthiness. By adding to their well-optimised website, informative content via blog posts, how-to manuals, customers can get value while the search visibility increases.

Since these services are special, relevant keywords that takes site visitors to stellar landing pages having customer-facing content, including FAQ sections and other compelling graphics that aid decision making will improve online visibility in the local area. By providing business name, address, and contact information on local business directories, general directories such as Yelp, and health-specific directories, this business local SEO will drive traffic.

  • Law Firms

It’s important that expert legal service providers appear on local searches since people in need of these professionals online want one nearby. To improve qualified traffic to your website if you’re a lawyer you need to create a Google My Business page in addition to a professional website with a compelling user interface, and a homepage optimised for important keywords in the local area. Client review generation is crucial. People want to validate their decision to use your services from third parties. Google and Yelp are platforms for building client reviews.

  • Hospitality Services

Here is a large area that operates well on SEO—bars, cafes, and restaurants all serving local areas with a target market. Typically, the search query for a restaurant is followed by a ‘near me’ suggesting availability in the locality. Local SEO services for a business like this should cover the address of your bar or restaurant, and most importantly, reviews. 

Online reviews show how well your restaurant has or has not been patronised as they show up in the listing during an online search. Good content is also important.

  • Plumbing Services

Plumbers are sought for on Google, and their business is tied to the local market. This is a service that offers quick help to people in local areas, and visibility will increase through local SEO strategy.  Great content providing solution to everyday plumbing issues can be available on their website to increase ranking. Making an effort to generate feedback which will form reviews is very crucial as it puts you ahead of the competition.

  • Pet Services

This is a special and locally sought-after service. Building keywords around issues like pet supplies, walking, veterinarians, and grooming, plus providing high-value content, and reviews are undeniably crucial.

Pet owners need expert services for their pets so, your local SEO strategy must include high-quality content and lots of reviews.

  • Real Estate Agencies

You can’t talk about real estate without local SEO. But there’s a challenge. The introduction of larger platforms has overshadowed the small local agents in the business.

To stand out, there’s a need to create specific pages for local target markets by using small neighbourhood names.

Local high-value content is the real deal here. Creating one that really speaks for itself will display expertise and drive website traffic.


Local SEO is cost-effective. Be the best at your services and win excellent reviews, and if possible, get a local SEO specialist to optimise content and other strategies for success.

Author Bio:

Doreen Brown from Let’s Get Visible has 9 plus years of experience working with small to medium businesses using ethical & evidence-based Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. She also has a podcast and online academy to further support businesses with their visibility needs.