How to Use Google My Business – Part 2

by | Mar 29, 2019

Getting on Google My Business may have been a simple enough procedure, but there is still work to be done. There are many businesses that are content with just being listed and neglect to improve on and maximise it. Know that to be able to reach the coveted Local 3 Pack, you need to enhance your My Business listing.

Create and share your business information and reviews with ease.  

Optimising Your Profile

After you are done with the verification process, it’s time to take a look at your new listing.

It’s important to make sure that all the information you’ve provided – phone numbers, website, address, are correct across all the online platforms that you are using. That includes social media. If your details contradict each other, it can bring down your search rankings and confuse potential customers.

An updated and accurate GMB profile is an important part of an effective SEO strategy. However, it is also integral to your customer service.

Supplementary Details

Aside from displaying your business’s basic information, you will want to make some more additions to help your customers know more about your business.

If you check your Google My Business dashboard and go to your listing, you’ll see that there are more sections that you can complete to make your profile better. You can add a short description, your trading hours, and even other qualities your business may have – example: “Pet-friendly”. The goal is to add as much relevant information as possible. Adding keywords will also help improve your listings in the search results.


Reel in More Reviews

The kind of reviews that your Google My Business profile receives can affect your placement in search results. Aside from providing great products and services to your customers, you can also leave a message of thanks for their comments and feedback.  

Acknowledging reviews encourages more people to add their own, further improving your current standing and visibility online.

When encountering negative reviews, don’t ignore them. Rather, be sure to stay courteous and make an effort to address their needs. It will show them and those reading your reviews that you are taking their concerns seriously.


Visual Media

GMB listings are excellent platforms for displaying photos related to the business. Google has stated that businesses that have photos on their GMB profiles have more clicks to their websites and get more requests for driving directions.

The types of photos that you can add to your listing include:

  • Profile Photo
  • Cover Photo
  • Exterior and interior shots of your business
  • Product and Staff photos

Make sure that your photos are in JPEG or PNG formats and that they have a high resolution for the best quality.

Short videos of your business can also help enhance the user experience and can be added to your GMB listing.


Tools and Updated Features

Throughout the years, Google My Business has developed tools and updates to better help business owners in optimising their profile for better search results.



GMB Insights allows users to have a better understanding of how people find your listing. It focuses more in Google Search and Maps since majority of customers find businesses through them.

Through this tool, you can learn about your customers’ interactions with your listing, including:

  • Search terms
  • Where they find you
  • Direction requests
  • Photo views
  • Phone calls
  • Website visits

You can also find out if customers search for you by using your business name or address, or if they are searching in the business category that you are in.


GMB Mobile App

There is also a Google My Business mobile app available on the Play Store and Apple Store. The app allows you to edit your listing information, post photos, and view your insights. However, you cannot use it to delete listings or change the listing ownership.


Setting Up Appointments

Google just recently released a feature that allows customers to schedule appointments with businesses. You can provide options for reserving a table, booking appointments, placing orders, or viewing menus. Booking online takes away the trouble of reserving by phone.

Why wait? Get listed today!

Setting up your Google My Business does not take too much effort, but it definitely offers plenty of benefits. It’s a must-have for any growing business that wants to make their mark online.

If you need any further assistance with Google My Business, please get in touch with me to discuss your needs.