How Social Media Can Improve SEO

by | Apr 28, 2020


Many small business owners will reach out to me for help with their SEO efforts. Most times, they will say  – ‘Dorz, I have launched a new website, but I haven’t implemented SEO.’

In most cases, they have made steps towards their SEO efforts, they just haven’t realise it!

For a lot of businesses that are working on strengthening their visibility online, SEO is an important step in the marketing strategy. Setting up that well-designed website, utilising Google Ads, and ensuring blog articles are optimised for search engines are all go-to practices in SEO, but did you know that social media heavily impacts your search engine visibility as well?


Customers Use Social Media To Look Up Products

As you’ve probably already learned about SEO, it’s all about making sure that you’re there when potential customers need you. With the changes that have come with how people have been using the internet over the last couple of years, people now use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram the same way that they use Google when it comes to looking for products or services they need.

This means that you should make sure you’re well present on those social media spaces that customers expect you to be on. That said, make sure that you assert your presence online by claiming those spaces.

Note that even if you don’t plan on using your social media profiles actively or post everyday, you can always count on features like pinned posts, pinned Tweets, and story highlights to provide potential customers who may require immediate information on what you offer without you having to be online all the time.


Your Profiles Help Shape A Good Impression For Search Engines

A fantastic thing about making the most out of your social media profiles is that they basically work like online directories that are easily accessible to potential customers, which also means they’re more likely to engage with your page. The more people engage with your page, the more likely Google will include your page in the Knowledge Panel that shows up with search results.

To further increase your chances of being included in the Knowledge Panel, it is highly essential you equip your profile with high-quality profile and cover images, as well as make sure that necessary information such as physical store address, store hours, and contact numbers are complete. It’s all about signaling to Google that you’re the professional, reliable, and relevant social media profile people are looking for.

A simple search online for any of the products or services you offer can earn you an advantageous spot.


Your Posts Have An Indirect But Powerful Influence On Traffic

Your posts on social media aren’t limited to their respective platforms. Every Facebook post you create, every Tweet you send, and every Instagram post you make has the chance to show up on Google, Yahoo, and other search engine platforms, too. So what could this mean with regard to your SEO?

For one thing, this means that even if you’re still at the beginning of your SEO efforts, you already have a fair chance at showing up on search results. Another important advantage to consider is that you can direct a helpful amount of traffic to your website, further upping the amount of visitors and potential customers who will be checking out your site.

Social Media Provides Valuable Help In Improving Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a crucial aspect in marketing online. With such a high saturation of businesses trying to stand out, both in terms of social media and in search results, asserting how valuable your brand is is key. This is why creating social media content is critical – by impressing upon potential customers that you’re engaging and relevant, the more likely they’re going to flood your social media channels, and this of course means a greater audience to invite over to your site.

There are definitely a lot of things to consider when establishing your presence online. It can be intimidating to think about the different matters that impact your visibility, both directly and indirectly with SEO and social media, respectively. With the amount of traction you can expect your business to gain, however, it’ll all be well worth it.

Looking for some extra support or help with your SEO efforts? Get in touch and let’s look at the ways you can improve your organic visibility.