How Can An SEO Consultant Support Your Internal Marketing Team?

by | Sep 2, 2020

 Not all businesses and organisations want to outsource their digital marketing activities to an SEO consultant or agency.

An internal marketing officer is living and breathing the ins and outs of how you operate, what products you may sell and what services you offer. Having this insider knowledge is a good idea for many of those reasons.

With this though comes the need to be the jack of all trades. From email marketing campaigns to traditional marketing tasks, it can be difficult to join the dots and make all channels work holistically.

An effective way to maximise your efforts is by engaging specialists to support your current marketing strategy. An SEO consultant doesn’t just look at what’s happening on your physical website. A trained and experienced consultant will provide you with a tailored approach and plan to ensure a common and overall goal is achieved.

To understand the benefits for your business or organisation, I’ve broken down some key points here.

Search engines (for many) can be a complicated software system to understand. As business owners, it can be difficult to keep up with algorithm changes, Google updates to ensure your online footprint meets best practice requirements. 

When it comes to organic traffic, search engine optimisation has been a proven channel time and time again for helping increase online visibility and allowing businesses to reach potential customers.

It’s essential also to understand that not all SEO strategies are created equal. Updating a website isn’t going to be enough to obtain the business growth you’re looking for.

Experienced SEO specialists will ensure that your marketing channels will work holistically to maximise budget and time. Internal teams can benefit from this as they are provided with up to date knowledge and are given the guidance they need to feel more confident with their decisions.

An SEO Consultant will develop a custom strategy

A digital marketing strategy will help you work on areas that you might be lacking in. For example, Social Media can play a big part in helping your SEO efforts. However, it needs to be done with intention and purpose, always circling back to your biggest digital asset – your website.

User experience has also become a very important online ranking and visibility factor. So having a true SEO expert working with your marketing team means this area is integrated into the SEO & Digital Marketing plan.

A technical SEO audit will also help identify any health issues your website might have that could potentially reduce quality traffic your website needs. If your internal marketing team doesn’t have experience in this department, it can be difficult for them to diagnose issues and fix them accurately. An SEO consultant will be able to show them what’s happening and how it can be fixed. Just like a car, a website requires maintenance. This includes ensuring the content management system you are using is current, any plugins you have added for additional functionality are up to date, and online users are not ending up on dead 404 pages.  

Content creation without a strategy is pointless. If your internal marketing team is not looking at factors like user intent, matching content with pain points and the all-important inclusion of keywords, it could be a wasted exercise. An experienced SEO consultant can help map out a content plan for your business or organisation using data and ethical strategies to positively impact your organic visibility. 

Google My Business is another area that your consultant can help you with. Do you have multiple locations? Is there a review plan and strategy in place? These are vital, especially when you think about the growing competition online post Covid. It’s becoming more and more challenging to cut through the noise and stand out online. With the right support and guidance, you can achieve this so that your potential customers can find you.

Get the right SEO Consulting support you need

If you don’t want to outsource your digital marketing tasks to an SEO Agency, hiring a consultant is the way to go. They can offer customised SEO services to support what you are already doing instead of working against it. 

Many SEO companies claim to be many things. But, at Let’s Get Visible, the mission has always been to offer industry-leading digital marketing expertise, specialising in one specific area of marketing – SEO. Consulting services are accessible to Australian, New Zealand and international businesses who don’t have an internal team of specialists in this particular area. 

If your business needs a marketing strategist and SEO expert, and you don’t have the budget to employ one, hiring an external consultant is the perfect solution for you.

It’s impossible for businesses to employ a single marketing officer and expect them to be experts in absolutely every element of digital marketing. Different areas require a level of knowledge and hands-on experience that can be accessed via a consultant. Get in touch today and let’s get your business visible. 

Author Bio:

Doreen Brown from Let’s Get Visible has 9 plus years of experience working with small to medium businesses using ethical & evidence-based Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. She also has a podcast and online academy to further support businesses with their visibility needs.