DoES My Business & Website Need SEO?

by | Mar 8, 2021

Great question. The short answer is yes, your business and website do need SEO to gain organic traffic and visibility. However, there is more to it than just this.

The purpose of SEO is to grow your business or organisation by getting more qualified users to visit your website and convert it into customers.

Here’s the thing, many different websites serve different purposes.

  1. Informational – a website that is purely informational and developed to answer questions
  2. Transactional – a website that offers a form of purchase or transaction
  3. Internal – a website that is created for internal purposes


Your Goals

Another point to consider is what your business goals are. Are you looking to support your existing client base or grow your business? Maybe it’s both? When you get clear on your goal, you can carefully select your efforts in terms of budget and time.

The umbrella of digital marketing has provided us all with an endless amount of opportunities online. This is why a one size fits all approach seldom works. We are all at different stages in our businesses, from long term to just starting. So what will be an excellent fit for one website may not necessarily be the same for another.

Here are some examples of this:

Start-Ups – Usually, there is little to no budget for marketing activities and most of it is bootstrapped. When launching, visibility will take time, so in this case, it may be more feasible to try the DIY options, find your fit and then outsource once you begin to drive income.

Small to Medium Business – In many cases, this is a big yes when it comes to SEO and adding it to the digital marketing mix if the goals are aligned. If the business is looking for more customers, more inquiries and business growth, SEO can add that organic layer to the marketing mix.

Corporates & Big Business – SEO definitely can’t hurt in this situation, to maintain brand awareness and stay ahead of the competition. When combined with paid campaigns, SEO can effectively support the overall online goals.

Of course, there are subcategories to these, based on size, business type, turnover, etc. 

A Holistic Approach

Based on your budget and time, your best bet is to select 2 to 3 digital marketing channels and assess the effectiveness of these based on the outcomes you are looking for.

If you have an established database of clients, and you want to continue supporting them with your information and services, reaching organic heights may not be on the cards. Communicating through email marketing, Socials, and virtual events could be the holistic approach you choose.

Digital Marketing Considerations

One thing to consider is that your website will always be the best representation of your business. So whatever you do, don’t forget that this is your most important digital asset online. You may not always have a budget for Ads or expensive campaigns, and you will need a presence to fall back on when/if that happens.

I am also a true believer that there is no right or wrong, especially when you are beginning to use digital marketing channels. It is a trial and error process at times, but the better you understand the channels you are using, the less time and money you spend on things that don’t quite work for you.

Which Business Are You?

To understand whether your business and website need SEO, you must identify your current situation and future goals. 

As an owner and operator of my own business, I have reflected on channels that worked better than others, and SEO will always be at the top of my list. Why? It aligns with my purpose of having a sustainable business. Without an organic presence, I wouldn’t be able to work towards this. So in my case, it’s a big yes to SEO. 

If you have identified SEO as a yes channel too, get in touch with me today by booking a complimentary consultation and let’s get your organic visibility going!

Author Bio:

Doreen Brown from Let’s Get Visible has 9 plus years of experience working with small to medium businesses using ethical & evidence-based Digital Marketing and SEO strategies. She also has a podcast and online academy to further support businesses with their visibility needs.