Digital Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs

by | Jan 15, 2020

Starting an SME business takes lots of confidence, faith, and guts, and starting it all alone makes it even more challenging. Owners of small entrepreneurial enterprises need to take risks to overcome the obstacles and competitive nature of the local business scene.

If you ask experts in business about the most effective strategies in marketing for the modern era, they’ll probably recommend digital marketing. But what does this mean exactly?

Here’s how you can harness this process of expanding the bounds of your enterprise through the power of technology and the internet.

Going Digital.

Steps on Digital Marketing

Not sure where to begin? Here are some steps you can start with:

Search and Study – To kick off your journey in digital marketing, you first need to learn all about the major elements of an SME marketing strategy: market, message, and media.

Market –

Determine your target audience. Familiarise yourself with what they value, and take note of what they consider before buying. Knowing the personality and purchasing behaviour of your customers can help you build a brand that your locality will resonate with.

Message –

Knowing what your potential customers like to see online will help you formulate the right message and create the best content for online platforms and audiences.

Media –

Your message is important, and it needs to be heard and seen as expansively as possible. Research on the most used social media platforms and local forums that your business can penetrate. Note that it is best to hire an SEO consultant for this.

During this step, some small businesses fail to check vital data generated from their target audience. Remember to mind these factors when collecting information:

  • Demographics
  • Goals and values
  • Sources of information
  • Challenges and pain points
  • Objections and roles in the purchasing process

Create catchy content –

The interest of your target audience is always your priority. Take a notch on your marketing strategy by producing content that’s in line with what your customers value. How? Keep track of trends and current events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Start surveys, quizzes, and conversations in various online platforms such as social media and forums. You can also tag some of your blog articles from your websites as part of your social media posts to maximise the expansion of your business.

Eye for the metrics –

For small business owners, checking the appropriate online metrics will help the brand determine if its digital marketing strategies work or not. Trying out tools like Google Analytics helps a company, big or small, to measure the improvements in each area of an online business platform.

Apps You Could Use –

Let’s face it, when you’re a start-up, your finances need to be used as practically as possible. There are actually a lot of apps out there that can help a solo entrepreneur in managing their business, helping to save both time and money.

Here are some great picks you can try:

Cloud storage – Being able to access your files anytime and anywhere comes in very helpful for entrepreneurs, especially for those who manage the business alone. Cloud storage applications like Google Drive and Dropbox ensure access with any device, wherever you may be.

Canva – Not everybody is great at Photoshop, or any sort of graphics manipulation software for that matter. Canva is a life-saver for business leaders that need to create professional-looking visuals such as posters, announcements, and other marketing paraphernalia.

Social media curators – Being able to organise and curate your different social media feeds in one place is a heavenly gift for digital marketers. Feedly, Curator, Buffer, or Trapit are great curating applications you can utilise for your start-up’s pages.

All solopreneurs have the opportunity to achieve success in the digital era, all you need is the right digital marketing strategy and a great team you consult with. Although there’s no perfect template for specific types of businesses, following these steps and trying out the provided apps can help you run things more smoothly.

If you need further help with digital marketing, get in touch today and let’s discuss the online needs for your Small Business.