Digital Marketing: Outsourcing Vs Insourcing

by | Oct 19, 2021

Needing some digital marketing support but just don’t know what the next step is? Let’s Get Visible investigates your business’s best options when it comes to digital marketing and discusses when it’s the best time to invest in some outside support.  

When business is booming, it can cause an overworked, overstressed environment. Particularly for those business owners who like to keep on top of everything by doing everything themselves. Feeling overwhelmed with the increase in workloads can leave many business owners feeling stuck and wearing far too many hats. This is particularly true when it comes to digital marketing – that can feel like a web of confusion over what works, and what doesn’t. 

So what are the best options for small and medium businesses and when is it the right time to consider some help with your digital marketing path? Firstly let’s look at outsourcing…

Outsourcing is a great path to take when your business has achieved decent growth but you’re still looking to grow further with the help of an experienced digital marketer or SEO consultant. Outsourcing is a great idea if you also have an existing marketing team and require some consulting in terms of where to go next. 

Sometimes an expert and external eye on your desired outcomes can be hugely beneficial. Not only can they look at the business from the outside they will also be able to see avenues your team has possibly not considered. Having a specialist examine the situation and look at other angles can help your current team grow in line with your business and future aspirations. 

Pros – Outsourcing

Specialist support can guarantee your marketing channels are working well and in line with future business ambitions. Having someone from the outside can enlighten you to the possibilities of what you haven’t considered and give a fresh set of eyes to the campaign. These outside experts also come with loads of experience on other proven campaigns, they understand what works and what doesn’t. This can also free you up to keep moving forward with your business plans instead of being overwhelmed in areas that are not your expertise.

When pondering to outsource your digital marketing a great tip is to organise a consultation to make sure they fit with your brand and business model. Reading reviews, and doing some research into their success rate and reputation is also important. When outsourcing it’s good to remember that this person will be an extension of your business, not just someone you pay each month. They need to offer expert advice and help achieve your targets consistently. 


Pros – Insourcing

If you are considering insourcing your digital marketing you’ll need to ensure your team is upskilled and understands what is required and what your goals are. With a team working inside your business they are perfectly suited to 100% understanding your brand’s current goals and future goals. By keeping it in-house you are developing a custom team to perfectly suit your business. services and has a good understanding of your needs. Allowing you to stay in full control of all aspects, plus upskilling will only add to your employee’s skill rate, and also your own. 

Helping our business evolve and continue to grow. You can easily upskill yourself and your employees. There are plenty of resources online. Consider podcasts and other forms of education.

If you are still feeling a little confused, you can also consider calling in an expert to help you with the process of upskilling your team and adding a few ideas into the mix. They can tailor a plan that can get your team on the same page while offering invaluable expert advice and guidance. 

Finding A Digital Marketer to help

A digital marketing expert can help you assess your situation and identify any possible issues while creating a tailored strategy to get you started. Your team will then receive the correct training to help increase their knowledge around the basics of digital marketing and further increase their desire and abilities to work towards the goals and growth of the business.  


  • How much hands-on experience have they had?
  • Proof of current and past campaigns
  • How long have they been a digital marketer?
  • Qualifications?
  • Current clients
  • Reviews/testimonials – check out google
  • Organise a phone meeting – see what they can offer your business
  • Do your homework

A quality digital marketer will look at your entire business not just segments or what is occurring with your website. They will create a custom strategy to effectively grow your business through many channels ensuring that all your goals can be achieved and maintained. Need some guidance? Let’s Get Visible is here to help.