Conversion Rate Optimisation For Small Business

by | Jul 23, 2020

It is one thing to attract traffic to your site, and another thing to get a high conversion rate from those prospects.

If your business is online (and it should be!) then there is a high chance that you want more than just window shoppers, right?

Focusing efforts on vanity metrics – increased traffic from an audience who doesn’t need your products or services, or getting lots of likes on Social Media but no one contacting you from those posts. These metrics may make you ‘feel good’ in the short term, but don’t equal dollars in the bank – which is not a good or sustainable business strategy to adopt.

You have only a few seconds to either gain a potential customer for your business or lose them. Which is why conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is so important for your small business.

Want to know the benefits? Here are 5 most useful ones you should consider.

Ditch The ‘Feel Good Marketing’ For Conversions

Increased Online Competition

There are many online businesses like Amazon and E-Bay who receive a high volume of qualified traffic to their site – i.e. people who are ready to buy. It can feel difficult to thrive online as a small or medium business owner when comparing yourself to these global giants.

By optimising your site with CRO in mind, you can still find a way to be seen in the crowd. If your site is easy to use, fast and has effective call to action buttons, you stand a better chance to convert your site visitors into customers.

Reduces Marketing Expenses

The time, money and energy put into making prints, distribution and television or radio advertisement can be significantly cut down by a simple and smart digital marketing strategy.

The whole purpose of marketing is to connect customers to your business and make sales. With an optimised Conversion Rate strategy, you can do this at a much lesser cost.

Elevates Your Business

The ease with which your site can meet needs will greatly affect your conversion rate. If your site is naturally gathering a lot of customers, then you must be doing something right.

If people visit your site and can see the fluidity with which business transactions are done, they would be more inclined to transact with you. This can also lead to increased word of mouth referrals. As a result this can also impact your sales and bottom line.

Increases Income

With good conversion rate optimisation on your site, in no time, other online businesses will be seeking affiliation with you.

Since you have gained the trust of people, you can get paid to advertise other businesses on your site. Also, the horizon of your business can be expanded. With a great conversion rate, you can gradually begin to make transactions in different parts of the world from the comfort of your own location.

You Get Long-term Results

Good SEO practices can draw people to your site, but it is your conversion rate optimisation that will keep them.

With good CRO, you can get life-long business partners as long as you continue revisiting the practice.

In summary, conversion rate optimisation gets you your desired results more effectively. There are so many benefits of practising CRO. If you haven’t already, get in touch today and let’s see how we can work together to achieve this for your small business.