7 Ways To Improve The Online Presence Of Your Small Business

by | Jul 9, 2019

Once you’ve established your small business or solopreneur endeavour, you need to consider your social media and online presence. Eighteen million or seventy-two percent of the Australian population actively uses social media, so this means that your business has a considerable chance to get noticed online.

How? Here are 7 ways to drive the online presence of your small business upwards:

Share your stories –

The main reason your small business has an online account is to have an effective and efficient strategy in maintaining online presence. Sharing your stories should be done in a unique, innovative, and interactive way. Use beautiful graphics and visuals to present your brand’s cause and keep in mind that the ultimate purpose is to create a deeper connection with your audience.

Choose your platform

When choosing the right social media platform for your solopreneur page, leverage the fact that the majority of Australian social media users are active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. You need to decide whether you want to manage one social media platform or go all-in by creating social media business accounts for all major websites. Remember that each platform serves a different purpose, hence your content should be reflective of such. Study how social media sites go in your local community to choose the best move that you need to do.

Get to know your audience –

If you resort to SEO consultation with respect to improving a social enterprise’s online presence, consultants will most likely tell you the same thing: audience research is the key. Why? Knowing their demographics, psychographics and buying behaviours enables you to produce materials they would consider valuable. Importance is relative and identifying topics that resonate with your audience will surely help you attain your business goals.

Engage –

As a small business owner, engaging and creating meaningful interactions would be the best action to move your business forward. Customers are the foundation of every business and making sure that their insights are valued encourages long-term brand loyalty. Make sure that in all your social media page/s, you are able to like, comment, reply, and share every audience interaction. A simple click would really make a difference.

Use tools and features effectively –

The best thing about social media sites is that they have numerous tools and features that ease up the effective implementation of your marketing efforts. For example with Facebook, you can use surveys or quizzes to increase online engagement. With Twitter and Instagram, the use of hashtags is an ingenious way to find organic followers or audience.

Define your brand –

Solopreneurs using social media should take time to think about how their brand stands out from its competitors. To define a brand, consistency is a key factor. Choose a theme, a colour scheme, and a logo that would embody your value proposition and goals. Additionally, a style guide or mood board would be handy when you create photos, videos, and other types of ads. Lastly, make sure all your posts and messages have the same tone to maintain your brand’s consistency.

Invest wisely –

How will your brand or product be talked about when you are still new in the online business world? Easy. Hire a team of professional consultants, local SEO experts, and influencers to make sure that your brand gets the spotlight it deserves. You might be apprehensive about the thought of shelling out money, but investing your funds wisely will help your cause tremendously.

SEO, for example, is a good investment in boosting your online presence. The use of proper SEO keywords will put your business on the top of your local web ranking. Maintaining a brand online is an investment, don’t be afraid to spend a little amount because it will pay off eventually.

Now that you’ve learned about ways to improve your presence on the world wide web, you can now try these things because it surely works! If you want to know more about ways of improving your small business in the online world, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Doreen Brown Consulting is the professional SEO consultant for your needs.