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Typo Spotting & Small Business Mentoring with Kate O’Mealley

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 10

Welcome to Episode 10 in Season 2

In this podcast episode, I am joined by Founder of Oh My Word Kate O’Mealley. She is a Copywriter, Word Nerd and Small Business Mentor.

In the beginning, she juggled her small business with working full-time in big business – but had a sneaky feeling corporate life wasn’t for her.

Show Notes

After 15 years working in corporate communications, she’s written about many things from superannuation to recycling pizza boxes. She’s also been a ghostwriter for CEOs and AFL footballers, editor and feature writer for lifestyle magazines.

These days, she puts her wordy skills and business experience to good use working with a range of small and medium businesses, startups, not for profits and sole traders.

She helps clients to communicate better and plan for success – to get the results they really want and see their business flourish and grow.

Our chat includes some of the following highlights:


Business Smarts


Stumbling blocks


Being consistent


Tone of voice in content


Permission to have fun


Content writing tips

“I always say to clients – be consistent. So in terms of frequency, whether you decide to post three times a day or three times a week, do it consistently.

Just make it regular and consistent also in your tone of voice. So if you’ve got a website that, you’re talking about what you are, what you’re offering, and it’s very formal. And then on social media, you get more relaxed, you really want to have that consistency in look and feel and tone that every point of contact and communication that people see or read.

In all of those points of communication that people are having an interaction with you and your brand. Making sure it’s consistent in tone of voice is very important.”

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