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In a time when many businesses are considering incorporating online and digital elements into their business, it’s important to understand what you need. The signature coaching program offered at Let’s Get Visible ensures you become empowered, up skilled and confident with your SEO and digital marketing decisions.

Having worked in this area for over 9 years, I understand what is required to build your online visibility – this is from both working with other clients, as well as doing it for my own small business. Learn from someone who can speak your language, without the techy jargon.


What are the benefits of SEO Coaching services?

LEARN the fundamental elements of and SEO strategy, that you can apply to your business straight away.
IMPLEMENT what you learn to increase online visibility for your business, with expert coaching to support you.
MAINTAIN your SEO knowledge and skills, with LIFETIME access to resources and a training library.
I recently had the pleasure of completing an SEO course with Doreen.
Doreen totally took the mystery out of SEO and showed me how easy it can be. Her down to earth approach was a breath of fresh air.
I recommend you call her and have a conversation, what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing.
Thank you Doreen.

Shayne Hope

I’m Here for you!

Supporting Your Business & Career Goals

Would you like to be able to bring SEO skills and knowledge in-house to maximise your budget?

You have come to the right place.

At Let’s Get Visible, an SEO Coaching program has been developed, so that you can:

  • Implement changes for your online presence, STRAIGHT AWAY.
  • Use best practice techniques
  • Work with an experienced SEO expert to help you focus on what is important based on your goals.
  • Best of all – you don’t need to be local!

SEO Coaching is available in most locations where there is a stable internet connection and access to a computer!

I do not know where to start with just how thankful I am that I came across Dorz and her services. I was a few years into my small business journey and had little to no idea about SEO and how to do it correctly. Dorz SEO course was the perfect thing I needed to be able to help walk me through all the ins and outs of SEO without it being too complicated and over my head.

Amye Tillitzki-Hodge

I need your help!