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Lights, Camera & Starting A Business with Fyona Matters

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 in Season 2

In this episode, I’m joined by Fyona Matters.

Fyona, along with her husband, Dave are the founders and directors of PipeWolf Media, a film and audio production company based in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Fyona was exposed to small business life early on, spending most of her childhood witnessing her parents run a general store and then start their own publishing business and seeing their business grow from an idea to a successful company.

Fyona gained a unique education and a rare insight, which has steered her to build PipeWolf Media.

Show Notes

Fyona has a background in coordination, marketing and media directing, which has come in handy since starting PipeWolf Media in 2017.

Fyona and Dave had faced the challenges of starting a business from scratch transitioned from sole traders to accompany and expanded their team.

She is passionate about her two cats, pans, and Fox talking about mental health. Staying home and shopping online and all the adventures that a business brings.

Our chat includes some of the following highlights:


Bringing ideas to life


Business survival techniques


Cashflow is King


Consistency is Key


Communicating expectations


Complimentary skills

“The more that you experience you have before you get a professional video done, the more confidence you have.

In terms of the overall vision for the video, the question I always ask is, what do you want people to know when they finish watching the video and what do you want them to do?

Not every video has a strong call to action. Some are information-based, but some are, I want them to ring me. I want them, I want them to attend an event. I want them to book a ticket. I want them to book me, or it could be an awareness campaign where I want them to go tell a friend, or I want them to now know this piece of information and then work backwards from there.

So if you want them to share that information with a friend, are you going to do that through humour? Are you going to do that through fear? Are you going to do that through statistics? Are you going to do it through entertainment? Have that end goal.

And the other thing is you can only ask one thing from a video, not 20. So the video can’t be – going to go viral, entertaining, tell everyone there is to know about your business, share your life story and be quick and easy to watch on Instagram. That’s too much pressure on one video often do that.”

You can get in touch with Fyona at PipeWolf Media

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