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The Power of Frequency & Energy in Business with Daniela Birch

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S3, Episode 11

Welcome to Episode 11 in Season 3

In this episode, I’m joined by Daniela Birch.

Daniela is a business oracle and shares her insights on authenticity in business and personal branding. She discusses her journey of finding her true mission and overcoming the stigma of being a psychic.

Show Notes

Daniela explains how she uses the Akashic Records to help business owners see new pathways and make decisions. She emphasises the importance of being true to oneself and not conforming to trends or comparing oneself to others.

She also highlights the significance of frequency and energy in business and the need to be open to receiving guidance.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Being authentic in biz


Your unique path


Comparing yourself


Trusting your intuition


Your gifts & talents


Being different

“I work on a multi-dimensional level. So basically, I work from the past lives selves, the now and a future version of themselves.

I take them on this journey. So I must start with, well, you know, what’s showing up in your business right now. Some business owners may have had many bad advisors around them, for example. So they’re scared to go up to the next level. They’re scared to say, bring in 250,000 a year and want to go up to the next level.

I help them identify with those fears and traumas sitting on the soul level. And so once they can even connect with that part of themselves, right? That’s a huge aspect of my work. I’m not just giving them words; I’m getting them to connect to that past-life self that is being traumatised by something that’s happened. And then they’re able to shift it kind of, and move through it.

So, it’s a journey that I take people on, whether it’s on an individual or a business level. I tap into their subconscious fears, programs, and belief systems, and then I help them understand how this got set up in their past lives.

I find it difficult even now to talk about my work because you’ve got to work with me to understand how I do that. It’s on such a telepathic level that you can’t even put words to it.”


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