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The Art of Strategic Communications with Amber Daines

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S3, Episode 4

Welcome to Episode 4 in Season 3

In this episode, I’m joined by Amber Daines.

Amber Daines, a communications professional, shares her journey in the industry and provides insights on managing business burnout and navigating PR and visibility.

Show Notes

She emphasises the importance of strategic communications and reputation management in building a successful business.

Amber also discusses the challenges of transitioning from a personal to a business brand and offers tips on staying relevant during social and political events.

She highlights the myth that PR is about networking and emphasises the importance of storytelling and understanding the media landscape. Amber shares her experience scaling a business and the value of staying small and focused.

She encourages business owners to pitch themselves to media outlets and take control of their visibility.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Strategic communications


Clear communication


Personal & Business brands


Reputation management


Business burnout


Bigger isn’t always better

“When I started 16 years ago, believe it or not, we didn’t talk about burnout. Hustle culture was just starting. I was a new mum, and it was all about being a girl boss and doing it all, having it all, and making all those balls keep flying in the air. So we didn’t articulate it, but I was very aware of it. I mean, I had a lot of, you know, colds and flu symptoms. I kept getting sick. I kept getting run down.

The first incarnation of my freelance business involved working with small business owners. So, I decided to expand that little bit and have some business partners.

My original agency actually sold about 10 years ago, and I built that to be bigger, and I shared the load, to be honest. I mean, that’s often difficult because if you are an entrepreneur, you like to do things your own way.

But when my children were very young, I realised I couldn’t do it all and scale my business, which back then was very important to me. Right now, I have a micro business again, and I do everything I love, but on a much smaller scale with a very lean, agile, remote team.

I think technology has really helped us be able to do that in some ways. It also means we have to be more disciplined. So, for me, some of my personal rules are I don’t do social media after eight o ‘o’clock at night. I turn my emails and everything off my phone after a certain time. And I actually physically take my laptop, my phone out of my house and put them back into my home office, which is in my back garden after a certain time as well, after dinner usually.

That means I actually cannot look at it, which is great. Otherwise, I feel like we’re always on, and I know for me, sleep is my number one thing other than exercise. And if I don’t get good sleep because I’m checking a message that really can wait until the next morning, it actually doesn’t serve me long-term.”

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