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Simplifying Business Processes for Success with Emily Harris

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S3, Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 in Season 3

In this episode, I’m joined by Emily Harris.

Emily is the founder of Physicians Choice Marketing Group and the author of the bestselling book The Marketing Lab. She works with business owners and corporate professionals to help companies become more profitable.

Show Notes

Emily started her business as a passion project and has since developed a thriving community of company leaders. She offers mentorship and guidance to students and professionals in various industries. Emily emphasizes the importance of finding your why and staying true to your mission. She also advises simplifying your business processes and making time for self-care.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Business growth


Marketing strategies




Finding your why


Simplifying processes


Building thriving communities

“I’ve been in healthcare marketing for more than a decade at this time. Through that experience, I was able to open a marketing firm helping physicians’ brands grow and just scale their practice. So through that, a couple of years ago, I was actually reached out to by some of the professors at the college I attended in California. And they asked me they said, Hey, Emily, would you be willing to present to some of our students that were in the school of business that I went through, of course, a decade 10 years ago, a decade ago, and it really was like they were just looking for students that can kind of share their story what their career path was, after they attended the school, graduated what it was like finding a job landing a role, or starting their own business.

I loved that opportunity just to really go back and nurture and kind of mentor some of the students where I was back then. So I had the opportunity to speak to them. I’ve been able to present quite a few times and still do to many of the students at that school. And from there, several students reached out, saying, ” hey, Emily, how can we learn from you? Or can we do an internship or some sort of mentorship? Because thankfully, I’ve been able to line up some internships for quite a few students.

With that being said, I thought, oh my goodness, I hadn’t thought about the fact that some of the students would reach out wanting to learn more about like my career journey and what I’ve been able to do after doing marketing for so many years, so thorough that I founded a group or communities and online community called the marketing lab with Emily Harris, and I’ve been able to put together a book that teaches them strategies from either starting their business or if they’re working for a corporate company, some of the top 10 things that I recognise, are like the marketing strategies and some tactics that you can do to really move the needle and grow that company and grow that brand.”

You can get in touch with Emily at https://www.youtube.com/@TheMarketingLabwithEmily-iq4gm 


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