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Small Business Talk with Guest – SzeWing Vetault

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 6

Welcome to Episode 6

In this podcast episode I’m joined by SzeWing Vetault. She’s a coach, author, mother and creative entrepreneur. She works with women to become modern day goddesses: empower women to find authentic success and joy in all aspects of their life. She coaches with evidence-based sciences grounded with spiritual practices, and she blends her years of knowledge in business consulting and life coaching to support her clients. We talk about the small business experiences that have helped SzeWing move closer towards her personal and professional destination, lessons learnt along the way and of course visibility tips!

Show Notes

Sze Wing has a background in Economics (BSc.) and Political Sciences (MSc.), and she has a diverse career as a consultant on social & economic policies, film & TV businesses and learning sciences. She has worked in both government and global businesses. In the last decade, Sze Wing has been speaking at private workshops and public events in Asia and Australia (including the Mind Body Spirit Festivals and International Women’s Day events). Sze Wing is the co-founder of the Lighten Up Summit, an online video summit featuring health & wellness experts in Australia. She is the author of “Goddess with Many Faces: Discover Your Archetypes to Transform Your Life” and the upcoming sequel “Becoming a Goddess” to be released in 2020. Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:
Career Change
Exploring Options
Spiritual Undercurrent
Becomming A Goddess
Entrepreneurial Space
Writing Books
I would say at that time I was working as a columnist for The South Australian Government in the Treasury and it’s great work and really stable. I think I was 20 or something. I had this quantum moment of ‘there has to be something more.’ I received this message and I knew I needed to explore more of what I really wanted. It taught me to become a creative entrepreneur. What I really love is helping women and people through my life and business experiences. If you would like to get in contact with SzeWing you can reach her at: SzeWing Vetault Get in touch – Book A Session

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