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Mindset Mastery – From the Field to the Boardroom with Jerome

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S3, Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 in Season 3

In this episode, I’m joined by Jerome Lamarque.

Jerome shares his journey from being a confidence coach for athletes to teaching business owners how to transition from thinking like a technician to being an inspirational team leader.

Show Notes

He emphasises the importance of understanding how people think and why they do what they do. Jerome introduces the concept of leadership archetypes, including the farmer, hunter, warrior, and athlete, and explains how individuals can optimise their leadership style based on their archetype. He also discusses the blocks clients commonly struggle with, such as self-sabotage and the fear of success.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Why we self-sabotage


Becoming a better leader


Importance of planning


The 3 P’s


Visibility in business


Confidence coaching

“I came to Australia in 2010, and by accident, I was training someone, and they said to me, I can’t carry on working with you. And I said, why is that? And he said, Oh, my business is not doing very well. And I’m really struggling financially. And I said, Oh, that’s a shame. And he had a few more sessions with me because he used to buy block sessions. I said, in your next session, can you next time you come, we’ll go out, we’ll train in the park and then we’re going to have a coffee. Can you bring your business plan? Because I was fascinated by that because I learned a lot that sports psychology planning preparation. And he said I haven’t got one.

That was really weird to me that you would start a business without a plan. And so I went for a coffee with him, and then I simply took him through some stuff, and he did the stuff, and he came back, and he said, I’m carrying on working with you. You can be my trainer. I said, why is that? He said, I said, what? He said, you know that stuff we did. I went and applied it and it worked. Wow. And I had that light bulb moment of why people make things complicated.

When things are really simple, I thought that was common sense. I didn’t realise that was my gift. And so, doing what I did from a young age and then studying sports psychology, working with elite athletes, you go into a world of understanding focus, being organized, and performing consistently, and you think they’re normal. Then they’re normal to me. I didn’t realise most people weren’t like that. Most business owners weren’t like that.”

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