Empowering High Performing Teams with Shelly McElroy

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 8

Welcome to Episode 8 in Season 2

In this episode, I’m joined by Shelly McElroy.

Her background has always involved large groups of people and fast-paced environments. Media and communications, and hospitality have been where she has thrived.

She has led large teams of up to 120 people in previous roles as General Manager and Licensee.

Show Notes

Her in-depth understanding of people from work, education and travel experiences, means she can work in a wide range of industries with people from all backgrounds. She is particularly passionate about maximising individuals’ potential which results in a greater contribution to the team.

Her strength is communication skills, and deep passion for the Leading Teams model which she uses as a blueprint for both her professional and personal life.

Our chat includes some of the following highlights:


Right place, right time


Diversity & multicultualism 


Different training approaches


There’s no finish line


Jumping in the deep end


Imposter syndrome

“It was definitely hard work and blood, sweat, and tears. I think just working with good people that saw something in me and being able to just give it a hundred per cent, when you’re at your best capacity, when you can share ideas and when you can challenge what you’re seeing in the workplace, it just evolved from there.

Multicultural, diversity of talent, diversity of people, and the ability just to work with people from literally every corner of the globe. In terms of what you’d see from some of our chefs and front of house staff and different managers, like you, can’t travelling, you definitely learn how to communicate with different cultures and yeah.

I think hospitality is just one of those industries that have all of that under one roof, has it all has everything. And so you’re now, working with leading teams and transitioning from that.”

You can get in touch with Shelly at www.leadingteams.net.au

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