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Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 in Season 2

In this podcast episode, I am joined by Angela Farmeary.

She is an accomplished Career Coach and Job Interview Coach and has previously been a recruiter. Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, Angela moved to Sydney in 1998.

Her passion has always been to help people find a job and career that they truly love.

Show Notes

As an ex-recruiter, in both agency recruitment and internal recruitment, Angela’s insider knowledge has enabled her to see what works on a resume (and also what doesn’t!) and know what employers are looking for, giving her the skills to help people be fully prepared and confident in their career planning.

She is passionate about partnering with her clients to help them unlock their true potential and achieve career success.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Being in the moment


Career Tips


Jobs during Covid-19


Overwhelm & confusion


The perfect applicant


The importance of connection

“There’s nothing better than getting an email or a message from someone that says, I’ve got a job! It just makes my day, which is why I do what I do. I absolutely love it.

So I suppose it was really that eventually I was going to end up doing my own thing and always wanted to do that.  Then, the timing was right. I’d worked within the company for a while and I just thought, you know, it’s time to move on and do my own thing.

Mindful Careers very much relates to mindfulness and being in that moment and really thinking about what you want. What you want in your career and you drive it to make stuff happen. So, not worrying about what’s happened in the past or what might happen in the future.”

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