Hibernation is over! Welcome to Series 2

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 1

On this day, 12 months ago this little podcast was officially launched!

So how fitting to kick off a new series.

Welcome back to those who have hung out with me here before, and hello to new listeners. The goal of this series is to talk about all things small business – but it applies to businesses of all sizes.

You may be thinking – but Dorz where did you go? And that’s a very valid question…

Show Notes

In this episode,  I talk about listening to an inner voice (yes, it’s a little woo-woo!), taking a break from being “visible” and the importance of stopping and listening when your body is sending you a very clear message. 

Some key points I talk about in this episode include:


Burnout + pressing pause


Stop pushing


Hustle is not cool


Self reflection


You’re not too busy for health


Making changes

I also stopped and asked myself – how did I get here? What was pushing me so hard to be everything for everybody and leaving not much left for myself? The answer was me. There was no one else I could point a finger at and blame. But me

I think this is important to share because let’s face it as business owners we all want to succeed. We want to grow and flourish and have success – whatever that means or looks like. It’s different for everybody.

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