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Code Conversations with Danielle Dobson

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 15

Welcome to Episode 15 in Season 2

In this podcast episode I’m joined by Danielle Dobson. She is an author, speaker and corporate coach, on a mission to break the Gender Code – that code of beliefs we hold as a society that says women are carers, and men are providers, and we are intrinsically different.

Danielle’s research into women in leadership found that the Gender Code underpins the inequality in our society today, particularly in the workplace. It also revealed why mothers make great leaders, and the valuable attributes they can bring into the workplace.

Show Notes

Danielle works with organisations to help them unlock the potential of the women on their teams, and to attract the right female talent, creating more equality around leadership opportunities in the workplace.

She also helps busy parents to understand how to get a better balance between life and work, and to create more equality in both the workplace and the home.

Our chat includes some of the following highlights:


The Gender Code


Having an internal compass


Creating boundaries


Transferable skills


Creating agreements


Having support people

“What I found in my research is, men, die quicker, but women get sicker. Women tend to get more chronic illnesses. And this is from a book by neuroscience scientists, the women’s brain books. So taking on this load, day after day after day, takes a toll and it’s actually probably better if we get if we fall in a heap or get exhausted because then we can do something about it.

But that burnout can cause lower levels of connection with everything that normally makes you feel good, withdrawal from your support networks or those things that actually, we need to nourish us to keep us going.

It’s understanding what’s most important to you. What’s most important and using that as an internal compass to build that self-knowledge data bank, self it’s beyond awareness, it’s self-awareness and then self, and then the data bank, knowing who you are, your strengths, your sense of worth.

Your contribution matters and your needs are important. All of that groundwork, I feel needs to be done, so that you have the strength and the courage and the consistency to have the boundary discussions.”

You can get in touch with Danielle at Code Conversations.

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