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Activating Legacy and Soul Gifts with Kirsten Morrison

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S3, Episode 6

Welcome to Episode 6 in Season 3

In this episode, I’m joined by Kirsten Morrison.

Kirsten shares how her business journey began and how she discovered her true path through personal development. She discusses the modalities of breathwork and human design and how they support her coaching work.

Show Notes

Kirsten emphasises the importance of regulating the nervous system and building the capacity to expand. She also highlights the power of social media and in-person connections for building a community. Kirsten shares the impact of working on her website’s SEO and optimising her content to create a better user experience. She encourages listeners to understand their energy type and embrace their natural design in business.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Personal development


Regulating the nervous system


In-person connections


Understanding energy types


Create space for growth


Making a greater impact

“I actually needed to do the work on myself in order to be the version of myself who would be willing to knock on any door, make opportunities happen for myself, hold the vision, and execute that in my life.

I came home from that trip instead of staying there and really committed to spending 2017, completely on the personal development. That was my plan. I was like I am going to become the woman that I knew I was deep down there. So I’m gonna become that version of myself that really can welcome in a sense of purpose, and actually hold a powerful vision for my life.

And it was actually in my first personal development workshop that I went in there, and I had this incredible two-day experience. A lot of it was very somatic, basic body-based work. And by the time I left that weekend, I had a really big crack in this story that I’d been holding on to my whole life, which was that I wasn’t good enough. And it didn’t matter what I did up until that point. I was just holding that story of not being good enough.

By the time I got to the end of that weekend to really say that that wasn’t true and that it was just a series of experiences that had conditioned me to believe that.”

You can get in touch with Kirsten & obtain your free human design chart at www.kirstenmorrison.co


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