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The Things I Wish I Knew When Launching A Small Business

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 3

Today I’m talking about diving into the deep end and launching your own small business.

Here is your one way ticket on the Small Business Rollercoaster Express!

You go up, you come down, you stay on a stagnant track for a little while and then the loops begin again.

Show Notes

I learnt more about how to launch and manage a small business from my failures than I did my successes. Oh and I am still learning.

I share the things I wish I knew (but didn’t) when launching my business, including:


No such thing as perfect.


You’re going to have sh*t days.


Not everyone is you.


Pick YOUR people wisely.


Believe it WILL happen.


Everything is temporary.

I’ve read lots of different things about the how to’s of small business – but my own journey has been the best thing I have read on this topic thus far.

Warning – it’s pretty raw and real, so I suggest wearing a set of headphones around younger humans. Enjoy.

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