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Small Business Talk with Guest – Kerry Dover

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2

In this podcast episode I’m joined by Kerry Dover. She is a Strategist, Facilitator and Creator of The Momentum Movement. She runs The Momentum Architects, a performance design agency helping individuals and teams to get the best out of themselves, to create greater momentum in life and unlock new levels of personal potential. We talk about the importance of strategy, systems and strengths, intentional networking and allowing yourself permission to be you. And of course, the ingredients small business owners need to get visible.

Show Notes

Originally from the UK, Kerry spent many years working in marketing and management roles for brands including the AFL, NRL, BigPond, Census and Health Coaching Australia. But it was when she started her own consultancy focused on foundational brand strategy for small business that she really started seeing the power and the connection of mindset and performance coaching with business success. Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:
Self Sabotage
Success Vs Failure
Giving yourself permission
We talk about launching a Small Business and saying yes to everything! We want to help our customers and we don’t say no to them because we are so desperate to grow and so desperate to to make money in those early days that we say yes without necessarily thinking ‘is this what we really want?’. Many of us self sabotage. If we can get out of our own way a lot of the time as Small Business owners, then it really is ourselves stopping us from moving forward and really taking the success that we want and taking the life or designing the life that we really want to be living. If you would like to get in contact with Kerry you can reach her at: The Momentum Architects Get involved with the Momentum Movement Program

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