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Small Business Talk with Guest – Bianca Carlino

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 4

Welcome to Episode 4

In this episode I’m joined by Bianca Carlino, one of the co-founders of Glow and Gifts, a custom gift box business based in Sydney.

The idea of curating beautiful gifts for people and businesses across Australia came from a personal experience that Bianca knew would touch the hearts of many, when the time came to share the story.

Wanting to share the love, near and far, became Glow and Gifts’ mission and each decision made within the business always circles back to that initial ‘why’. We talk about nachos, tacos and all things Mexican food, networking on Instagram and how to let go of ‘perfect.’

And of course, the ingredients small business owners need to get visible, build a sustainable business and thrive.

Show Notes

There are so many things to consider when launching your own business. Marketing is one of those ‘big’ things. Particularly when you are an online e-commerce store and the face to face element is just not there.

How do you stand out from the crowd and get noticed? Bianca shares her insights and how being a little creative made all the difference.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Building Your Tribe


Being Consistent


Abundance Mindset


Making Progress


Being Patient


Your Point Of Difference

We talk about competition and recognising that there is space for everyone.

There’s not just one music producer in the world. If there’s one person releasing a pop song it doesn’t mean that there can’t be anyone else to join that market and launch another pop song. Their voice is going to be different. The type of song that they’re singing is going to be different. The story behind the song is going to be different. The way they look and present themselves is going to be different.

You need to just push through it and believe in your product. Consistency is key and consistency is what’s going to get you through to the other side.

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