Small Business Talk with Guest – Dan Olival

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 8

Welcome to Episode 8

In this podcast episode I’m joined by Dan Olival. He is a Graphic Designer (8th year) and a Personal Trainer (5th year) by trade, and has been running Xndr King for just over a year now.

Daniel is currently studying to become a Life Coach. His passion has always been to guide people to take control of their lives, to believe that they can live it better, and to pursue their passion and dreams, even if it means they’re charging at it alone.

But eventually, along the journey of pursuing their dreams, they’ll find the right people that will encourage them to push on.

Show Notes

Dan shares his business and life journey and chasing after validation and approval of friends rather than focusing on his goals and the bigger picture. Even when the friends he was chasing didn’t have the same mindset.

“I would say to my younger self – stop chasing friends. They’re not going to be your happiness. Realise that friendships are not the center of your happiness.”

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Combining your passion


Owning your mistakes


Working towards goals


Living with purpose


Just going for it


Taking a day at a time

“Xndr King started off with King. When I was thinking about the brand, I wanted to create a movement of always wanting to better yourself, always wanting to improve yourself.

Trying to raise your standards of yourself, taking responsibility of your life and take control of it. Own your mistakes, own up to your flaws and then charging forward with this idea and concept of ‘I’m going to try to be the best version that I can as much as I can’.

It’s not an overnight process. It takes a while to improve and tweak your personality, your attitude towards life and your mentality.”

 Xndr King

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