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Small Business Talk with Guest – oksana

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9

In this podcast episode I’m joined by Oksana.

She is a Brand Engagement and Customer Experience Expert & Entrepreneur who is passionate about business, human connections, personal growth and doing things differently. She has a unique ability to creatively identify how to engage your clients and execute new growth opportunities.

Her business journey started in Russia where she developed her holistic and pragmatic approach. Now she uses these skills to help her client’s BRANDS stand out and stay top of mind.


Show Notes

As a Founder of Impero she works with client’s on brand engagement as well as developing cool and fun ideas using memorable promotional products. She is passionate about Products with Purpose that are ethically sourced and sustainable.

Oksana regularly shares insights about brand strategy and growth at marketing panels and conferences and has been interviewed on numerous business podcasts & industry news.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Creating ideas


Lead to be the influence


Ask the right questions


Connecting as a human


Business is people to people


Brand engagement


“I was a kid growing up in Russia. We had a piece of land and we literally grew everything because we didn’t have much. So we grew strawberries and as a seven year old I was the one who was selling the strawberries. At the age of seven it was very easy for me because I had the product knowledge right.

I simply sold the strawberries by offering it to them and saying things like – would you like to try strawberry?  I tell a story about how to grow them and what the difference is between this shape and the other.

Looking back I think they probably just fell in love with my enthusiasm and approach.”


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