Finding Business Purpose Through Social Media with Savvy Sally

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 6

Welcome to Episode 6 in Season 2

In this episode, I’m joined by Savvy Sally.

Sally’s business journey has been far from a straight line. First, she studied law and sociology and Uni. Then fell into a career in financial planning which meant an additional 8 years of study while working full time.

After 15 years in that career, having two babies meant she needed a new direction.

Show Notes

So in 2016 she co-founded an online business called South Coast Kids. This is where she realised how much she loved social media and marketing, and that it’s what she should have done from the beginning.

A business award, 13,000 followers and 18 months later, Sally decided to follow her true passion and started Savvy Sally, a social media and digital marketing business.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Taking a leap of faith


Truly doing what you love


What to post


Growing a business & brand


Building relationships


Being generous in business

“The biggest overriding thing that I always focus on that underpins every post that I do is that you want people to share it, especially on Facebook. Step back and do something generic because you’ve got new followers and not everybody knows the ins and outs of what you’re doing and what you’re all about.

So I’ve found that the more generic posts you share – it could be who you are as a business and what you do and what you love doing and just doing a random post like that every now and then is going to be more shareable than something really specific because new people will be interested in.

Especially on Facebook, because organic reach is just so low, so adding value through tips that you can provide that your followers are interested in. And they’ll go, you know, I’ve got friends who are interested in what she just said, so I’ll share that as well! So it’s kind of like two shares and also getting people to comment because that’s what the algorithm loves.”

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