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Connection, Community & Compliance with Phuong Barraclough

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | S2, Episode 17

Welcome to Episode 17 in Season 2

In this episode, I’m joined by Phuong Barraclough.

Phuong has grown up and always lived in Wollongong. Mum to two incredibly creative and energetic daughters, she is an NDIS consultant specialising in Provider Registrations & Governance. She has a Head for Compliance, and a ❤️ for Community.

Show Notes

Connect My Community has been officially around for three years. But her story in terms of business and career started back when she was very young. In high school and she worked in a bakery and the idea of hard work and work ethic started at a really young age from hard-working parents who were refugees from the Vietnam War.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Connection & Community


Alignment of goals


Career Change


Doing what you love


Importance of family


Support from networks

“I think what’s really important as a woman in business, is that we are often fed from culture and society that we are to meet the needs of whoever comes our way, whenever it comes our way. We’re these maternal givers that go above and beyond ourselves.

But when you’re a woman in business, that takes a different shape, a different form and we need to really respect some of those boundaries to keep us healthy in business so that we can be healthy women.

And I think it’s important for every business owner, regardless of where you’re at in your journey, to do those regular check-ins of, am I on the path towards my goals? Reminding yourself to stay on track with those goals, but also value the time that you commit to your business and your work.

Something that I’ve learnt from hindsight coming into the new version of my business is the true value of my knowledge, my experience and my time. Dedicating it intelligently to the right avenues and services and being really clear about what it is I don’t do. That can be really hard.”

You can get in touch with Phuong at www.connectmycommunity.com.au

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