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are you the owner of a pretty potato?

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 13

Today I’m talking about websites.

You know, that gorgeous place where online users should be able to find you once you’ve pressed the all exciting ‘let’s launch now button’.

But, have you just ended up with a pretty looking potato, instead of a website that will actually work for you?

It’s something we need to talk about, because building and launching a website is not the end of your online journey.

Show Notes

In this episode,  I talk about the two scenarios we need to consider here. Scenario One – The Completely New Business.This relates to a business that has just freshly launched and doesn’t as yet have a digital online footprint. 

And Scenario Two – The Relaunch.  This is when a business or organisation has a website that may be a little out of date and a new one is being created to keep up with the times.

 Some key points I talk about in this episode include:


Pretty doesn’t pay the bills


Starting from scratch


Your online footprint


Using best practices


The value of old ugly websites


Pre-plan ahead of time!

As a business owner or organisation it is up to you to think about these scenarios – don’t rely on your web developer to tell you, as this may not be an area of expertise for them. The buck stops with you.

If you are in the process of launching something completely new or going through a redesign process, reach out and let’s discuss doing it the right way and minimising the negative impact for your business or organisation.

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