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WordPress SEO Services

The most popular global CMS platform is WordPress, and it’s increasingly getting popular. You don’t need to be an expert in PHP as required for Joomla or Drupal; however, you need a piece of knowledge on programming to customise. Several numbers of pre-developed plug-ins and templates are available for use. You may or may not find them useful – it comes down to your goals.

Though there’s a myriad of SEO plug-ins for WordPress that are helpful, they still leave some work undone. Yoast SEO is a very popular plug-in that makes site optimisation hassle-free and comes with extra ingrained SEO best practices. One critical point you must realise is that you need an SEO consultant to help improve your keyword visibility and assist your business in search marketing.

With WordPress, code can be altered and customised when required, which is described as open source. Basic websites and those needing minimal contents are widely known to utilise WordPress.


Why our WordPress SEO Services?


10 Years Experience

The answer is simple. You need the best SEO optimisation that can be possibly obtained from every digital asset your business has, and our WordPress SEO specialists understand how to do this.

With our help, you’ll get higher visibility in the search results. This means more organic traffic for your site.


Tried & Tested Ethical Strategies

By properly aligning SEO and development, your pages will be better understood by search engines and trigger an excellent result.

Not only that, the experience of your users will greatly improve. This is why you must get the right SEO strategies from the beginning.

How much does a WordPress SEO cost?

It depends on the number of pages the site has and the packages the service provider is offering.

For small to medium-sized businesses operating on WordPress, we offer affordable WordPress SEO services that come with the following packages:

  • On-page SEO audit: We first run a technical audit to determine whether your site has technical issues.


  • Keyword research: We undertake rigorous keyword research to get high performing keywords for which our clients can rank to attract more traffic and sales.


  • On-page optimisation: To ensure an SEO compliant website, after discovering every technical SEO issues to be fixed, we’ll move into your WordPress website and fix all of them.


  • Google Search Console: This connects your website and Google. Your web presence on Google search will be monitored.
  • Reporting: Your site components performance will be reported in real-time.


  • Citation building: We’ll build and manage your local citations to make your site relevant on local search. 


  • Backlinks building: Your website will have high-quality and targeted backlinks.


  • Content building: We’ll create content optimised for SEO, including image SEO and media for higher ranking. SEO thrives on quality content.

Our 6-step approach to WordPress SEO


1. Keyword research:

We look for high performing and the least competitive keywords related to your brand.



2. Speed Optimisation:

Our SEO experts will improve your website speed to reduce bounce rates & maintain Core Web Vitals.



3. On-page SEO:

Following best practices, we enable Google to identify the keywords a page is focused on.



4. Technical SEO:

Our SEO specialists perform site audits, improve meta descriptions, rich snippets and internal links. 



5. Content marketing:

We use informational intent keywords to create content for your blog posts and online publications.



6. Backlink generation:

Leveraging guest blogging, cold email outreach and other different strategies, we are able to find opportunities and build backlinks.

How does WordPress SEO benefit your website?

The perks can be explained under the following terms:

WordPress technical SEO service: When you optimise for search engine using some of the user-configurable settings available on WordPress, you can build a high ranking website.

Web user optimisation: WordPress CMS-created websites can be optimised for visitors to navigate and use easily. This optimisation helps your customers to fulfil their need without stress when they land on your page. Our SEO professionals will help you with page optimisation for users. This will improve conversion rates, make your clients satisfied and increase sales.

“Working with Dorz has been one of the best investments I’ve made. I now have a really clear understanding of how SEO works and what I can do to maximise my online visibility. Her knowledge coupled with her patient and helpful nature makes working with Doreen easy. Thanks, Dorz, before, I was just overwhelmed with how to build a better online presence, whereas now… I’m excited.”

WordPress SEO Client – Jodie Cooper

What does SEO services include?

Search engine optimisation is the heartbeat of digital businesses. There are so many important aspects that SEO covers to make websites visible and rank for search engines. Some of these include picking the right keywords through keyword research, optimising site speed, creating customer-facing quality content, technical SEO and many more.

But SEO for WordPress is different from the way technical SEO is executed. Built-in PHP themes are utilised on WordPress, so your SEO service provider must have WordPress developers on their team.

Keep in mind that the importance of technical SEO is great. So, if you partner with an SEO company that lack the skills for developing this aspect of SEO, it will cut back on your chances of achieving a high visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why is WordPress SEO so important?


To get the top spot and eventually record higher traffic, you need WordPress SEO. Most WordPress users’ mistake is believing everything is set once they have installed a plug-in like Yoast. But this isn’t true. You need to continue optimising your site following SEO guidelines and best practices – a holistic approach is required. This is where you need a specialist in WordPress SEO. To help our clients optimise their websites, we have a range of functional strategies that make the process work. When it comes to SEO, WordPress has an excellent reputation.

How long does WordPress SEO take?

Here at Let’s Get Visible, we’re one of the leading WordPress SEO companies that provide exceptional services. Our SEO experts will evaluate your website and create a working plan. 

Measuring this timeframe depends on several things like how old your website is, the present position of your site on search engines, and your SEO efforts in the past. Usually, more time will be needed to get multiple pages on Google to a high position than single or double pages.

So get in touch today and we’ll get about developing a working plan that’ll enhance your efforts in WordPress SEO!