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Shopify SEO Services

In today’s business world, you need more than a professional-looking and user-friendly website to keep customers coming back to get more of what you’re offering.

Shopify is a profit-oriented platform, but those making the profits rely on an effective SEO strategy. This is why as an online marketer, you need a robust SEO for Shopify tactics to push sales upward. An SEO expert can help you establish functional online visibility and increase conversions and sales.

Let’s work together to give you an SEO that brings results!

What do our expert Shopify SEO services include?


Shopify Website SEO Audit

We carry out a full-scale review of your e-Store to know how secured, usable and functional it is.

Your company’s NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) will be checked to ensure it’s linked to your digital shop. Every other important website element, including backlink quality, current online reputation, and product description, will be evaluated.

We get to know your target audience, integrate keywords having high performance with cluster topics generated from relevant search terms to create quality content optimised for SEO.


On-page & Off-page Optimisation

Back to back coverage for every aspect of your e-marketing is what our SEO experts provide.

Be it optimisation for content, link building, and social media marketing, full optimisation of SEO for Shopify is what we offer.

In compliance with Google’s best practices, our SEO professional will improve your web presence. This is done by carrying out website audits, improving site speed, placing canonical tags in place, having Google Analytics installed on your website, and correcting problems with redirects and crawl errors.

SEO optimisation on Shopify

For both large and small scale businesses of any type, we provide excellent digital marketing solutions to produce better SEO results on Shopify.

What you get from Let’s Get Visible:

  • Back to back coverage for every aspect of your e-marketing is what our SEO experts provide.

  • Be it optimisation for content, link building, and social media marketing, full optimisation of SEO for Shopify is what we offer.

  • In compliance with Google’s best practices, our SEO professional will improve your web presence and ranking, carry out website audits, improve site speed, put canonical tags in place, have Google Analytics installed on your website, and correct problems with redirects and crawl errors.
  • Appealing customer-facing content creation, sales-driven blog posts, and product descriptions that customers find attractive are part of our services. 

Our 6-step approach to Shopify SEO


1. Keyword research:

We look for high performing and the least competitive keywords related to your brand.



2. Site design:

Keywords are strategically placed on your web pages. Collection and products pages get buying intent keywords while blog pages get informational intent keywords.


3. On-page SEO:

Following best practices, we enable Google to identify the keywords a page is focused on.



4. Technical SEO:

Our SEO specialists perform site audits, improve meta descriptions, rich snippets and internal links. 



5. Content marketing:

We use informational intent keywords to create content for your blog posts and online publications.



6. Backlink generation:

Leveraging guest blogging, cold email outreach and other different strategies, we are able to find opportunities and build backlinks.

What’s the cost of Shopify SEO services?

This is determined by our “action items”. The term refers to the number of monthly tasks we carry out. So, our fee for SEO plans depends on this.

We audit your website, build a report of overall site performance, and include your monthly action items in your most prioritised SEO duties each month.

“Our investment in outsourcing our SEO to Doreen was hands down the best investment for our website. Doreen’s service achieved outstanding results and a positive ROI within 60 days of engaging with us, and our growth continues to increase month to month. Doreen’s dedication, commitment and advice are rarely found in outsourced service businesses, but she goes above and beyond to ensure the best for her clients.

Thank you Dorz, we are so delighted to have found you!”

Shopify SEO Client – Pam Burnett

How soon can profits start coming in?

For SEO, several factors determine when you begin to make profits. Between 3 to 12 months, you can attain profitability. But it can be faster if you do the needful or make a serious investment.

We provide you with an SEO specialist that’s readily available to implement Shopify e-Store strategies and work with you in every stage of attaining your long-term business goals.

Functional, custom, business-goal-related Shopify SEO techniques

Using eComm SEO tools and unique audience knowledge, a senior internal expert is allocated to you, using off-site and on-site SEO tactics to make your e-Shop more visible and unlock opportunities slipping your grasp.

We’re absorbed into your team by measuring your strategy to maintain growth. As your business goals change, we provide support and aid in building your marketing in real-time.

Shopify e-marketing strategies that drive conversions & sales

Let’s Get Visible utilises unique sales-oriented techniques leveraging the best e-Comm tools and skilful SEO strategists that hold your customers by the hand and take them directly to your online products and services.

All of these are designed with your business goals and audience needs in mind.

How do you choose the best Shopify SEO company?

This isn’t simple. Any decision you make affects your business and budget.

A wrong choice of the company causes a downturn in site traffic and conversions, which has a long-term negative impact. But a good company will do the opposite for your business.

Different SEO agencies offer varying quality and efficacy in the business, so choose and work with a reputable SEO company offering the best services following relevant knowledge and experience.

Though not every business may need SEO, each e-Store needs a working SEO strategy. Keep in mind that your target market is on Google or other search engines looking for services you provide, whether your business type is B2B, B2C or somewhere in the middle.

Having understood what you’ll gain from choosing the best SEO consultant, contact Let’s Get Visible and let’s get started on your Shopify SEO!