Online Shopify SEO Masterclass

Learn Shopify SEO foundations

Why should you attend?

With more and more people realising their online potential, more people are launching online e-commerce stores.

Does this sound like you…

You’re a complete beginner and not sure what SEO stands for?

Or you have an e-commerce business that’s generating consistent income but want to earn more and be around long term?


Then you’re in the right place!

      What will you learn?

      By the end of this Masterclass, you will have a thorough understanding of SEO.

      You’ll also have a proven and tested ethical framework that you can use to grow your e-commerce business using organic strategies.

      In this 90 minute ‘learn-from-anywhere’ Masterclass

      You will learn:


      1. Master fundamental SEO skills in 2021
      2. Learn how to set up Shopify for maximum SEO effectiveness
      3. Understand how the search engines view your Shopify web pages and what you need to do to leverage SEO with this
      4. Learn an effective approach to buyer intent research to find the most relevant keywords
      5. Gain a true understanding of the importance of website content and how this impacts and works together with SEO
      6. Create your own effective SEO action plan to grow your e-commerce business using organic strategies
      7. Understand how to monitor and measure SEO campaigns and make the required optimisation updates

      Yes, many of us are ‘Zoomed’ out but you cannot use this as a reason for not signing up!

      The difference with this session is that it’s interactive meaning there’s a lower probability of you falling asleep during the training.

      Don’t just take my word for it! Read 5 Star Reviews from other participants who made the wise choice to join me online.

      You will also be given additional support materials to help you create long term SEO habits that you can use well after you have attended the Masterclass.

      Limited spots – so grab yours today!

      Doreen Brown

      Doreen Brown

      Founder - Lets Get Visible

      Who is your trainer & host?

      Doreen Brown has been sharing her SEO knowledge with businesses and organisations locally and internationally, spreading the word about the importance of increasing online visibility.

      Originally from Melbourne, Doreen spent over 15 years working as a Training and Compliance Manager for companies including AAMI, APIA, and the Illawarra Credit Union. But it was when she launched into the Digital Marketing space in 2012 that she realised the power of organic visibility and online business success.

      Working with a Sydney based agency for 5 years, she was able to combine her background in psychology and training, to create organic solutions for big brands, and partnered with Google to tap into the resources available.

      In 2017 she started her own consultancy, focused on SEO strategies for e-commerce businesses, not for profit organisations and local businesses and has worked with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

      Her Podcast, Let’s Get Visible for Small Business was launched in 2020, along with her online training platform, Let’s Get Visible Academy.

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