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What is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant offers specialised support for your internal marketing team, business or organisation to maximise your online efforts and achieve long-term success.

SEO Consulting services with Let’s Get Visible offer tailored programs that help connect your marketing channels, providing a holistic approach to further enhance your SEO progress. 

Australian-based Doreen Brown has worked with businesses and organisations locally, nationally and internationally helping them maximise budgets so that their digital marketing investment provides a return.

Why should you invest in an SEO consultant?

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no denying that SEO plays an important role. An effective SEO strategy can help you get more traffic on your website and increase your business’s visibility, leading to greater success.

However, creating a successful SEO strategy is not always easy. It requires time, experience, and knowledge of the ever-evolving search engine algorithms. That’s why it’s often beneficial to invest in an experienced professional who can help you develop a strategy that works.

Doreen is so approachable, easy to work with, and highly effective. We have seen instant changes in the engagement of our business, through the website and other avenues. I highly recommend Let’s Get Visible for small and larger businesses needing support with all things SEO.

Caitlin Marshall, Co-Founder of MakeShift

What does an SEO Consultant do?

An effective consultant will assess your current online presence by taking a look at how well-optimised your website is for search engine crawlers as well as what types of content are currently being used onsite or offsite along with any technical issues or issues with a user experience which could be impacting performance such as page load speed or mobile compatibility.

Additionally, they will analyse competitor websites using various keyword research tools and come up with recommendations on how best to optimise existing content in order to improve rankings.

They will also provide suggestions on additional keywords or topics which could be added given their relevance & potential impact that could have on overall performance across organic search results pages & other channels. This includes things such as PPC (Pay Per Click) ads or social media campaigns which would then be implemented by their internal teams or external partners depending on resources available & budget constraints.

Benefits of working with an SEO Consultant

Investing in an experienced professional like Doreen Brown is one surefire way to ensure success when it comes to optimising your business’s online presence.

With her deep understanding of search engine algorithms and her commitment to maximising budgets, she has helped countless businesses around the world reach new heights in terms of website traffic, leads and sales through organic search opportunities.

So if you’re looking for tailored support for your internal marketing team or business, then consider investing in Let’s Get Visible’s SEO consulting services today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your SEO consultant help our team?

It all begins with completing a top-level audit of your website and online footprint, identifying gaps in your current strategy. With an external perspective, Doreen can then outline what improvements can be made through custom strategies and training sessions. She will work side by side with your team to oversee the implementation and provide guidance and support.

What does your consulting services look like?

Once we have a discovery session to confirm that we are a good fit, we can then look at the Intensive 4 Week program or Ongoing Monthly Consulting to best suit your needs and budget. From there your tailored services will be mapped out and communicated with you for mutual sign off and agreement. 

Do we need to have a big internal marketing team?

No, your internal marketing team can consist of one or more people. It does not need to be a large team. The support and training provided empowers decisions and fills in the knowledge gaps to maximise overall marketing efforts regardless of your team’s size.

Who will be leading the consulting services?

Doreen Brown, an experienced SEO consultant who is the founder of Let’s Get Visible will personally work with you and your team to achieve a mutual goal. With 9 + years of experience in Digital Marketing and specialising in SEO, she can help identify areas for improvement and supports this with training sessions. Her clients increase their level of knowledge and know-how equipping them with the tools they need in their role.

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