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Partner Program

Increase Your Revenue While Offering Value to Your Clients!

Introducing our Partner Program

Welcome to the Let’s Get Visible Partner Program, a unique opportunity to unlock new revenue streams while offering exceptional value to your clientele.

Since our inception in June 2017, we’ve specialised in online visibility and SEO, empowering over 1,000 organisations and businesses to boost their visibility, income and impact.

Our Partner Program is specially designed for businesses that complement our services. In this collaboration, your clients will receive exclusive partner prices on our services while you earn a percentage of the sales generated through your referrals.

Moreover, we handle all the fulfilment, making the process seamless for you and your clients #moneyforjam

      Why Partner with Us?

      Our Expertise

      We specialise in a range of online visibility and SEO services – from keyword research and long term strategies to fully customised growth plans. Our services come in two primary forms: fully managed ‘done-for-you’ growth solutions and DIY SEO coaching and training.

      Tailored Solutions

      Our offerings are designed to be flexible, catering to different needs and budgets. This allows your clients to choose between comprehensive managed solutions and specialised coaching sessions that empower them to take control of their online visibility.

          Benefits of the Partner Program


          Expand Your Offerings

          Your clients can benefit from our specialised services at a partner rate, making your business a one-stop solution for their online marketing and digital needs.


          Special Pricing On Services

          Your clients gain access to our services at special prices, increasing their ROI and satisfaction.


          Proven Track Record

          With a successful history of over 12 years and having assisted more than 1,000 organisations, our results speak for themselves. When you become a partner, you get to share in this success.


          Quality Service

          When your clients use our services, they get nothing but the best. Our proven strategies are effective in increasing online visibility and SEO rankings.


          Revenue and Value

          Your business will generate an additional income stream from the commissions and deepen customer loyalty by providing added value through our partner services.


          Hassle-Free Fulfilment

          All project execution is handled by Let’s Get Visible, so both you and your clients can relax knowing they are in experienced hands.

          How does the process work?

          3 Easy Steps


          Sign up – complete the Partner Program application form


          Approval Notification – partner orientation and resource kit


          Share & Earn – use materials provided to offer your clients LGV services

          Join the Let’s Get Visible Partner Program today!

          For more information, reach out at:
          Phone: 0433 603 522

          Frequently Asked Questions

          How much does it cost to join the Let's Get Visible partner program?

          Our program is completely free to join!

          Who can become a partner?

          Our Partner Program is designed for businesses whose services complement our online visibility and SEO offerings. If you want to provide added value to your clients while diversifying your income streams, this program is for you.

          How does the commission structure work?

          We offer a competitive commission rate on all sales generated through your referrals. The exact percentage will be discussed upon your acceptance into the program. Payments are made on a monthly basis.

          Is there a minimum number of businesses I need to refer to join?

          Nope! There is no specific number of referrals required to join.

          What kinds of services does Let's Get Visible offer?

          We specialise in a range of online visibility and SEO services including fully customised growth plans. We offer two main types of services: fully managed ‘done-for-you’ growth solutions and DIY SEO coaching and training.

          What benefits will my clients get?

          Your clients will receive exclusive pricing on our services, allowing them to benefit from high-quality online visibility and SEO strategies at a lower cost. All project execution is handled by us, ensuring a seamless and effective experience for your clients.

          Ready to join?

          Get in touch and let’s make it happen.