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Small Business Talk with Guest – sophia

Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 10

Welcome to Episode 10

In this podcast episode I’m joined by Sophia.

She is a Women’s Hormone & Empowerment Coach, and helps women to improve their lives and businesses by optimising their menstrual cycle. But what she is really passionate about is supporting women to step into their power and glow within.

In today’s busy modern society, Sophia recognised the need for a new paradigm for women entrepreneurs, leaders and world changers to embrace their full feminine flow, rather than constant burn-out hustle.

Through her three-step signature technique, she empowers women to biohack their menstrual cycle and sync their work and life schedule with their hormones so they can harness their energy, productivity and power.

Show Notes

“Everytime you feel fear, take action.”

In this espisode, Sophia talks about how she realised how many other women were effected by their hormones and their periods but also the impact on their confidence.

Her personal Why sparked her journey to becoming a Women’s Hormone and Empowerment Coach. 

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Taboo Topics


Accountability Partners


Asking for help


Sustainable changes


The importance of mentors


Slowing down

“We’re in such a hustle mode – that masculine energy. That’s one of the things I teach with my clients; embracing abundant energy is one of the key pillars because we’re constantly on the go and we feel like when we’re busy, that equals productivity.

But what I realised during the healing journey was that actually it doesn’t. Because throughout our cycle – which I describe as our seasons, we go through all these different energy shifts.

Instead of thinking “Okay we need to always be on the go.” We can actually use it as a superpower to realise “what can I be doing?” My energy levels are lower. What can I be doing that’s going to be best in my business but also in the other aspects of our life.”


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