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Let’s Get Visible Podcast | Episode 12

Welcome to Episode 12

She is a Mum, wife, connector and creator. She started Cre8ing Balance in 2016 after moving from Auckland to Queenstown.

She spent 8 years in the Ambulance service prior to this in various roles on and off the road where she learnt the power of communication, presence and empathy.

She has travelled the world, had her fair share of trauma and personal crisis and embraces her uniqueness.


Show Notes

You can learn life through experience or through an institution. When you learn through experience you also learn empathy and compassion for other people going through the same thing. You can feel their pain and know that sometimes in order for people to heal it can be as simple as being heard and to hold space for them to express their emotions and know that they are safe.

Her pain has led her to her life’s purpose… To help others access their magic and heal the wounds of their past so that they are empowered and connected with themselves and the world around them.

Our Small Business chat includes some of the following highlights:


Purpose behind launching


Slowing down


Everything is a lesson


Supporting others


Using your intuition


Defining success

“It really does start with you. There are other people that can support you as you’re going through that process – but it really does come down to an individual thing.

You can give someone the tools and you can give them the support but ultimately at the end of the day it’s up to them whether they want to change or not.

You have to do the work on yourself. If you give someone something to do, they either do it or they won’t. From this, you know who is going to continue to work with you and who isn’t. And there is no one size fits all.

Saying you can fix yourself comes back to empowerment. If people can stop and take their power back and start actually listening to their bodies because their bodies do talk through pain.”

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